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The Kingdom United Collective is a group of diverse worship leaders committed to releasing the sound of the Kingdom. The embody the sound of God’s heart and are committed to unity for the sake of the reconciliation. As Worship Leaders that serve their own ministries that have come together to model the unity of God’s kingdom!

Below is a list of worshippers that are members and/or partners of The Kingdom United Collective.

Dennis Foster II (Psalmist, Singer/Songwriter)
Lashandria Brown ( LaShandria Brown Music, Singer/ Songwriter/ Psalmist)
Shaki Wilson (Vocal Director)
Henry Petty ( Henry Petty Music, Creative Input, Singer/Songwriter)
Josh Velazquez ( Singer/Songwriter)
Amber Taylor (Worship Leader/ Psalmist)
Noemi Velazquez (Worship Leader/ Psalmist)
We also have partnered with different creatives, dance groups, and creative directors, film and videographers, and so much more.


We are entering a new venture and it involves employing many BIPOC Creatives. The amount needed for this project is $35,000.00 partner with us today to push this vision forward.

Kingdom United is currently taking members internationally and locally. For further information contact email