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Chantel is an African American, born and raised in Englewood of Chicago, IL. She is a woman that is actively engaged in the reconciliation of the church, back to the Father by means of intercultural inclusion and worship. Although there are many things that she does in the kingdom, the title she prefers most is servant. She is known for her coined statement “I work for God.”

Chantel has been working in the ministry since the age of 12 through gifts of worship and administration. Chantel has worked as a Worship Arts Director overseeing many areas in church music ministry including worship teams, drama, specialty arts, choirs and creative arts. She has been a worship leader and a speaker in different denominations for church services, conferences and retreats. Her heart and passion is to see all nations worshipping God together in a very authentic way that models inclusivity and not tokenism. All nations coming together for the glory of God.

Chantel is the founder and a member of  the Kingdom United Collective. Chantel's mission is to embrace ethnic diversity and expression in worship as a reflection of God's kingdom. The music she releases as a prophetic voice to the world challenges how the church is reconciling all peoples back to the love of Christ. As a vibrant, spirit led leader, Chantel aims to confront the in justices that are presented not only in the world but also in the church. She is committed to reaffirming God's Kingship and challenge the church's relationship with one another across cultural boundaries and the progress that is still needed.


As a gifted singer and songwriter, she expresses her love for God and effectively leads others in a deeper experience of worship. As a dynamic speaker, Chantel embodies a strong passion for communicating the truth of God’s Word. Her desire is to be a part of God’s work in bringing healing to the lives of people as they discover the forgiveness, love, and reconciliation as people of all ages to take their place in the kingdom. Through her teachings she aims to stretch people to embrace cultural diversity that is rooted in Christ (Holy Spirit led). She fights daily for the broken, disenfranchised, and the marginalized in the Chicagoland area and abroad. As a result, she equips other worship leaders to do the same as the CEO of the Kingdom Training Academy, which she and her husband developed and oversee.

Chantel has been featured on many worship projects and has just recorder her first worship album entitled Kingdom United; scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2019. Her love for training has caused her to develop several training manuals and her soon to be released Excerpts From My Worship Notebook: An Intensive Worship Devotional.

Chantel currently serves as the Worship arts Director at Grace and Peace church in the Austin area of Chicago, IL. She is invited to lead in worship, train and equip, and share her story across the country.


TOPICS INCLUDE: Intercultural Worship without Sacrificing Spirituality | Developing Cross-Cultural Teams | Multicultural and Urban Worship| Culture in the Church | Intercultural Collaboration | Effective Tools for Leading and Developing Worship Arts | Worship Leaders and Their Pastors: Building a Solid Partnership| Justice Perspectives | Evolution of Generations | and many more...